It’s a good time for lumberyards and specialty dealers to plan for growth and innovation. Let BPI’s Value-added Services help!

The data from the 2023 LBM Journal 100, a ranking of the top lumber and building materials companies in the U.S., indicates that dozens of companies are expanding operations and making acquisitions and mergers, signaling investments for the future.  

While 2023 showed a drop in gross sales from 2022, most dealers in the LBM 100 indicated they still expect to grow in 2024 and beyond. The 2024 Construction Supply 150 Report by Webb Analytics states, “While 2023’s ride has been sobering, dealers have emerged safe—and optimistic for the future.” 

Integral to that future is investing in technology, meeting the demands of single- and multi-family unit businesses and adapting to labor challenges by enhancing component manufacturing capabilities. 

Partnering with a two-step distributor like BPI provides lumberyards and specialty dealers many benefits, including the advantages of BPI’s new technologies, services and manufacturing capabilities.  


How BPI’s Value-Added Services Benefit Lumberyards and Increase Efficiency 

To enhance our valued clients’ businesses, BPI is committed to improving and developing out value-added services based on client feedback. Our value-added services save time and money for both lumberyards and their customers. For example: 

Milling Production Capabilities have significantly increased since we began using new CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routers.  This computer-controlled machine eliminates human error, precisely cutting openings for door handles and prepping doors for locks, glass inserts and sidelights. A minimum of 225 doors a day can be produced, supplying lumberyards with hundreds of machined, painted/stained and assembled doors ready to install. 

Value-added services

Job Packs have been successful in facilitating lumberyards’ deliveries to contractors by saving time and reducing errors. Products such as roofing materials, doors and trim, cabinets, decking and more are bundled and tagged with customer and project information for better efficiency, visibility and traceability.

For example, if a lumberyard orders 80 doors and related items for a builder’s job site, the tagged and bundled items arrive together as a Job Pack in one shipment. Other items related to the job, such as stair parts, hand railings and posts, are also bundled into the Job Pack. Instead of receiving materials in stages, the lumberyard receives the Job Pack, saving them time and reducing errors, making the materials immediately available for a quick turnaround on the job site. 

Enhanced Packaging Systems keep building materials pristine and damage-free during delivery and at the job site. Trim is seal-wrapped using BPI’s proprietary process, and doors, siding and decking are palletized, stabilizing the product for easier handling. Enhanced packaging means less product is returned to the lumberyard from the job site due to damage.

Value-added Services

Ship Direct Services allow products such as GAF shingles and James Hardie siding to be drop shipped directly to a job site for big projects like multi-family home construction, similar to Job Packs, mentioned above. By cutting out the receiving and delivery process for these large orders, lumberyards benefit from faster service to their builders. 

BPI’s Delivery Picture Program offers security and clarity by providing photos of the products on each delivery. Each photo has a timestamp to confirm when the shipment arrived, what was included, where it was delivered and its condition. These images benefit those lumberyards that need to document deliveries for large construction sites. 

Lumberyards—are you ready to increase growth and expand operations? 

All of BPI’s value-added services increase lumberyards’ cash flow by improving order accuracy, turnaround time and customer experience. Partnering with BPI will help lumberyards and specialty dealers compete with big box stores by providing access to readily available, high-quality inventory backed by BPI’s extensive product knowledge and superior value-added services.  

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