When you’re dreaming up a home remodel, it can be easy to focus on how your home will look. Make no mistake: looks are important! But it’s also important to consider how your remodel could improve your home’s energy efficiency.  

With energy prices going up, the best way to save money in the long term is to remodel with quality products that improve home energy efficiency and comfort. Here are some energy-saving ideas for your remodeling project and create a harmonious blend of energy savings, comfort and beauty: 

Invest in good insulation and sealants 

Depending on your climate zone, you could save as much as 20% on annual heating and cooling costs by using high quality insulation and sealants from BPI. Insulation creates a barrier between inside and outside, while sealants cover any gaps that could allow air to escape—sometimes losing as much as 40% of the energy your home uses for heating and cooling.  

DuPont’s STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation’s excellent thermal performance means that your house will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. And it’s easy to handle, cut, and install, which will make the actual remodeling process a bit quicker and lessen labor costs.  

To improve energy efficiency in your home, you may also want to consider CertainTeed’s fiberglass insulation, which not only improves energy efficiency and comfort, but also helps block noise from the outside, making your home peaceful and quiet. CertainTeed also has products that can manage moisture to prevent mold from growing and affecting your health.  

As for sealants, if your remodel involves your roof, you may want to opt for Geocel’s roofing sealants, which seal quickly while remaining soft and pliable. They can handle intense weather and will help prevent heat from escaping your home in the winter. Geocel also offers Expanding Foam Sealant that can stop air from escaping through the cracks — even large ones! — around your doors, windows, and pipes.  

OSI is another great sealant brand, offering highly durable adhesives that don’t mind the cold. If you’re remodeling a home with a lot of stone or brick, OSI’s QUAD Invisible product can help improve your energy efficiency without sacrificing the timeless looks those materials offer.  

>>Download BPI’s Guide to Insulating Your Home 

Save money with stylish and energy efficient windows 

When choosing windows that will give your home the style you’re looking for, think about how the right windows can save money and make your home more livable. Thin, low-quality glass will make you feel like an ant under a magnifying glass during the dog days of summer, and your energy bills will make you mad as a hornet.  

Thankfully, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in the pursuit of efficiency. BPI’s Gentek and North Star windows both offer a beautiful array of styles that meet or exceed Energy Star standards. And that’s good news for your bank account, as you could claim a 30% tax credit by installing Energy Star windows.  

Invest in elegant energy efficient doors 

You and your family aren’t the only ones who use doors to get in and out of your house. Air does, too, which makes exterior doors vital areas to target for improved energy efficiency.  

One great example of a BPI brand that offers energy-efficient exterior doors is ODL. Their triple-glazed internal grilles and blinds can reduce heat transmission by up to 28% while also blocking traffic noise. You could also go with Taylor Entrance Systems’ Timbergrain or Timberline fiberglass doors, which have advanced foam cores that provide excellent thermal performance. 

 Make necessary repairs to your roof 

If you’ve noticed any leaks in your attic or stains on your interior walls and ceilings, that’s a sign that your roof may be damaged. And if it’s damaged, that means hot air is definitely escaping—it rises, after all.  

Depending on the state of your roof, you may want to prioritize repairs or even a replacement. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an opportunity to boost your home’s curb appeal. BPI carries GAF’s vast range of shingles in a large variety of colors and textures to match even the most ambitious remodels.  

And with Quality Edge roof drip edge, flashing and roof accessories, you’ll have the visual appeal you want and the performance to protect your roof and other areas exposed to the elements. 

The top-of-line durability of these BPI products means you won’t have to worry about your roof again for a very long time. Instead of paying higher energy bills while sitting under a leaky roof, why not lower those long-term costs in a more comfortable setting? 

BPI can help with your energy efficient remodeling 

No matter what you’re planning for your home or business remodel, BPI can ensure that the result is as energy efficient (and visually appealing) as possible. Our team of experts is ready to assist you, so reach out today!