When you invite people into your new or newly remodeled home, they’ll probably notice the big things first: the colors, the furniture, the windows and the light they let in. Unless they’ve got some interior design savvy, they may not comment on the moulding and trim. But the moulding and trim are a major factor in the overall impression of a home’s interior. 

Choosing the right moulding and trim can really tie a room together by unifying your larger design elements and creating a stylistic throughline.  

BPI’s team of experts can help you find the right moulding and trim for your design style. Our moulding partners, including Metrie and Ferche, have many gorgeous products to choose from.  

Here are some of types of moulding and trim you can use to elevate your home’s design: 

Architrave Moulding 

What is an architrave? 

In 16th century England, designers often used architrave moulding to add an opulent flair to the space above windows, doors, and other openings. While architraves have certainly evolved since then, they still serve the same function. They can also conceal joints and the space between walls and casings.  

Architraves help add dimensionality to a room without drawing attention from the room’s primary features. Think about the last time you walked into an architecturally significant building like a museum, or any building that just felt important. There was probably a beautiful architrave above the entrance that contributed to that feeling.  

Wainscot Paneling 

When buildings were made of stone, paneling was invented to help insulate rooms and evenly distribute heat from wood fires. In Victorian England, wainscot paneling was used to introduce style and drama to a room’s décor, which continues to be its purpose today.  

By creating a contrast between the upper and lower parts of a wall, wainscoting can make any room more visually interesting. Modern wainscoting is usually installed below the chair rail, but for an even more unique look, you may opt to place it higher on the wall.  

Whether you choose raised panel, shadow box, or beaded wainscoting, you’ll give your home a cozy yet sophisticated feel.  

Panel Moulding 

If you want the aesthetic benefits of paneling without committing to actual panels, panel moulding can get the job done. Well-designed panel moulding is installed directly onto a wall, subtly giving it more depth and texture.  It’s a great way to add a big impact to a plain wall without a big expense. 

You can also use panel moulding on doors and even ceilings to achieve the same effect. If your tastes skew towards minimalism but you still want a little bit of flair, panel moulding could be just the trim you need to strike your desired balance. Want to DIY your look? Read Metrie’s helpful article on how to install decorative wall panel moulding. 

Door and Window Casings 

Whether your home has a traditional or modern look, door and window casings can serve to tie any room together. Doors and windows serve to connect the inside and the outside, and so framing those entry points with appealing trim is important.  

By choosing door and window casings that match throughout the house, you can give your home’s interior a pleasantly consistent throughline. 

Find the right interior trim and moulding for your home at BPI 

No matter your aesthetic preferences, you’ll find what you need at BPI. Our partners, Metrie and Ferche, both have diverse catalogs of expertly crafted moulding and trim. Metrie is the largest supplier of solid wood and composite mouldings in North America, while Ferche has unique offerings like EZ Beam ceiling beams, which you can pair with your mouldings to create a singularly impressive look. 

For inspiration, check out Metrie’s resource: Learn and Get Inspired. To learn more trim and moulding ideas, reach out to our expert team today.