Whether you’re a contractor or a lumberyard owner, there’s a good chance you’ve used or sold shingles and roofing materials from our roofing partner, GAF. They’re the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, and their innovative products are incredibly reliable. But that’s not the only reason they’re our roofing partner: They also provide great warranties, plus high-tech tools and services that can make a contractor’s job easier and a lumberyard’s business better.  

GAF Contractor Services 

GAF provides several time-saving services for contractors quoting or installing GAF roofing systems, including: 

GAF ScopeConnect 

If you do insurance restoration work, you know how much of a pain it can be to develop a scope of work for the claim. And if you don’t do insurance restoration work, well, it’s probably because you also know what a pain it is. But GAF ScopeConnectSM makes it a lot easier. Just answer a few questions on their website and you’ll get an expert estimate for a reasonable cost in an industry standard format within 24 hours. There’s no subscription required, and you don’t even need GAF certification to use it. 

GAF QuickMeasure 

Getting good roof measurements has traditionally been an arduous, time-consuming process, but thanks to high-res aerial imagery, GAF QuickMeasureTM lets you put away the measuring tape and get to work faster. Simply submit the address of the building in question and in under a day (or under an hour for a single-family home), you’ll get a rundown of all the measurements you need and a 3D rendering of the property with a CAD-compatible file. And for non-commercial projects, you’ll even get a complete list of roofing materials based on your measurements.  

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GAF QuickSite 

Every property is different, especially from one municipality to another. GAF QuickSiteTM can quickly generate a report about your next work site with all the details you need, including a 10-year wind and hail history, local building codes and roof design criteria, property line info, ownership data, and permit history.  

GAF Ventilation Calculator 

Take advantage of GAF’s easy-to-use Ventilation Calculator that helps you determine the proper amount of ventilation to use on your project based on U.S. FHA 1/300 guidelines. It will also help you choose the right solution and products for the right attic ventilation. 

GAF WeatherHub 

When severe weather hits, it presents a golden opportunity to roofers looking for more business. But if you wait until after the storm to mobilize your sales team, you’re already too late. GAF WeatherHub can help you anticipate storms and move quickly to boost your wind and hail damage business. The software is powered by Predictive Sales AI, which means you won’t just know about the weather—you’ll know exactly how to take advantage of it. 

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GAF Project 

GAF’s sales services aren’t limited to storm damage business. GAF Project is a digital sales tool that helps with the entire sales process, from lead management to payments. They also offer onboarding, training, and ongoing support so that the tool works exactly as you need it to.  

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GAF and BPI Partner to Help Lumberyards Succeed 

Lumberyards and other building material dealers can also use WeatherHub to anticipate storms and generate storm damage leads. Since BPI is an exclusive dealer of GAF products, we can help you and your customers get the most out of those products. How do BPI and GAF do that? 

  • Having readily available inventory 
  • Partnering on training sessions and WeatherHub data 
  • Providing excellent ancillary roofing products  
  • Superior services like Job Packs and Ship Direct 
  • Onsite consulting by knowledgeable reps 

BPI helps lumberyards provide excellent service for their contractors. BPI’s Job Packs help serve contractors better by organizing GAF products (including shingles, underlayment, and metal roofing accessories) by job. No more confusion at the job site – especially if you’re delivering to multi-family job sites. Plus, our Ship Direct service means your contractors can have GAF shingles delivered right to those job sites if needed. 

To learn more about how GAF and BPI can help your business thrive, reach out to our team of experts today.