Imagine a child’s drawing of a house. You’re probably picturing a rudimentary box with a rudimentary triangle on top, with thick lines making the borders clear. These lines represent our earliest understanding of what a house is—and when you think about it, they also represent some of the most important elements of a house, in terms of comfort and livability. The edges of a house, from the roof down to the foundation, may not be where all the unique eye-catching detail resides, but they’re vital when it comes to building a great home.  

Quality Edge specializes in creating sustainable, high-quality parts for the edges of your home, including aluminum soffit and fascia, roofing accessories, metal siding and trim. These products help keep the inside dry and temperate, and they look great, too. At BPI, we’re looking forward to introducing some great Quality Edge products to our line in the new year.  

Quality Edge soffit and roofing accessories 

Quality Edge offers hundreds of options for protecting your home’s roof and exposed edges. Their rugged drip edge perimeter flashing prevents melting snow and rain from getting to your wood. Their metal valleys channel rainwater off your roof while adding structural strength to your flashing.  

Speaking of rain, BPI will be adding QE’s rainware components to our catalog. Their TruGuard gutter protection products will keep pesky leaves and other debris from clogging up your gutters, leaving them free and clear to funnel rain and melting snow away from your roof. TruGuard is designed for contractors and attaches to the fascia – not to the roof – with patented fasteners, adding strength to existing gutters. 

BPI is also excited to add Quality Edge soffit offerings, which are precision engineered to replace the hot damp air created by your attic with cool, dry, comfortable air. If your home is one of the 70% that doesn’t meet basic ventilation requirements, and if you’re one of the staggering 90% of homeowners breathing unhealthy air, QE’s wide selection of roof soffit may be just what you need. You could also save thousands of dollars in energy costs, while making the part of your roof that you can see from the ground much more attractive. 

Quality Edge Siding: high performance steel 

Quality Edge’s attractive array of metal siding products and accessories can help tie together the exterior of any home. No matter your style, you can find a combination of colors and textures that work for you, and their Q800 TuffTech polyester finish provides resistance to all sorts of weather, as well as to dirt, stains and scratches. 

In 2024, BPI will begin carrying QE’s line of steel siding, which has all the aesthetic appeal of wood with none of the cracking or warping. This siding has a carbon steel core and zinc coating that holds up to the elements and will help keep your interiors comfortable year-round. Not only can re-siding your home with Quality Edge products modernize the look, but it also delivers one of the best returns on investment for a home—bigger than a bathroom remodel or even a deck.  

BPI is also adding QE’s aluminum, steel, and copper trim coil options, which can protect your home’s wood trim while adding terrific decorative accents.  

Create dynamic outdoor living spaces 

When you build a second-floor deck, you shouldn’t just get one outdoor living space out of it—you should get two. But the area under the deck may be filled with critters drawn to moisture, and those exposed beams might only be attractive to cobwebs. QE’s Inside Out underdecking can move water away from your deck while making it a visually appealing space you’ll want to spend time in. When you look up, you won’t see nails or dirty deck boards that need to be repainted. You’ll just see a weatherproof aluminum system in one of QE’s eye-catching wood or matte finishes. 

Sophisticated color matching with other BPI offerings 

If you come to BPI for your Quality Edge roofing and siding products, you’ll be able to easily match colors with products from our other vendors. You could opt for aluminum trim from James Hardie, CertainTeed or Royal Westlake—  whichever brand you choose, you’ll find a color to pair with QE’s selections. And if you want your QE rainware or soffits to go with your GAF shingles, you can find the right match at BPI. 

Find your Quality Edge at BPI  

BPI is ready to be your Quality Edge product provider. Reach out to us today and we’ll help your home stay on the cutting edge with excellent roofing and siding options. And we’re certain the result will be a lot more sophisticated than that child’s drawing you imagined!