With the new year, you may be focused New Year’s resolutions about health. Maybe you want to cook more, which can be a lot healthier and more cost-effective than relying on takeout. If so, a great way to ensure that you keep your resolution is by making your kitchen a room that you’ll enjoy spending a lot of time in. And winter is a great time to upgrade your kitchen with beautiful and highly functional cabinets and countertops from BPI. 

Follow these cabinetry trends, and the food won’t be the only fresh thing in your kitchen: 

Kitchen cabinet color trends  

Today’s most fashionable cabinet colors can all be found in the sky: white, gray, blue, and off-white. White has been the most popular choice for a while, and though it doesn’t show any signs of stopping, you may want to consider a slightly bolder look. Stone gray cabinets are just as easy to find complementary colors for but offer an earthy touch. A deep, rich shade of blue, like Admiral, can feel neutral enough to pair with your choice of hardware while offering a more distinctive character. And if you like the brightness of white but prefer something a little softer, Colada’s off-white tone may be just what you’re looking for. 

Aristokraft cabinets come in all of these colors and more, and they offer a wide variety of finishes that can help tie your look together. Use their Kitchen Visualizer tool to see how the look pulls together.  

Horizontal kitchen cabinets 

If you’re tired of relying on footstools to grab what you need from the top shelf – or if you’re tall enough but would like to retire from being your home’s designated “reacher” – horizontal cabinets are a stylish solution. Cabinets with a 36-inch-wide base give your kitchen an open and inviting look, while drawers and organizational inserts can ensure your lines stay clean and uncluttered. The organizational strength of a cabinet rests on a variety of important qualities like accessibility, visibility, capacity and flexibility. 

Mid Continent’s emphasis on blending beauty and functionality makes them a great choice for horizontal cabinets, or for any other modern touches your heart desires—including integrated technology. Browse their video library to see the design options available for your new kitchen. 

Lots and lots of storage 

As home chefs get more adventurous, they need kitchens that can store a larger variety of ingredients, spices, and tools. Lazy Susans and pull-out spice racks can be seamlessly incorporated into your cabinetry, making cooking a lot easier—even if your recipes are challenging.  

Wolf Home Products offers creative kitchen cabinet storage solutions with highly configurable cabinets that will give you the storage you need to thrive. And if you’re more of a grillmaster than a traditional chef, Wolf even carries a line of outdoor cabinets that can stand up against the weather, no matter where you live.  


Natural wood kitchen cabinets 

If you’ve grown a bit tired of the typical modern look, good news: wood cabinets are making a comeback. According to Houzz Research, they’re 3% more popular than they were in 2022, and the natural and rustic looks figure to continue to rise into 2024.  

Fieldstone’s custom-built, handcrafted wood cabinets can give your kitchen the special look and feel that only comes with true craftsmanship. If that sounds too pricey, it’s not! Fieldstone’s cabinets are guaranteed to last a lifetime, meaning you’ll get great value out of them, and their cabinetry arrives fully assembled, which makes the installation process much cheaper.  

Let BPI help you design a better kitchen today 

Whether you’re simply upgrading the look or need to design a more functional kitchen, BPI can help. We carry cabinets by Aristokraft, Mid Continent, Wolf, and Fieldstone, and our team of experts will know exactly how to maximize their offerings in your space. Contact us today to help you get started!