BPI is excited to announce a new partnership with Quality Edge, one of America’s largest roofing and siding accessories building products manufacturers. 

Quality Edge manufactures an extensive range of products, including soffit & fascia, roof accessories & flashings, siding, w-valley, underdecking, porch ceiling, and trim. Builders and contractors prefer their innovative solutions, broad color offering and styles that range from traditional to modern for residential and light commercial applications.  

Operational performance is critically important to BPI – in fact, we’ve spent the past few years improving processes throughout our company to serve customers better. That was a critical component in choosing our accessories partner, and what led us to choose Quality Edge. Our suppliers must share the same level of detail in our operational practices. 

Quality Edge and BPI look to create synergy around excellence, building a system of doublechecks and a customer-first approach that benefits our companies and customers. Both companies take a three-pronged approach to ensuring lumberyards and their customers receive the quality building products they need, on time and packaged well. 

1. An Enhanced Packaging Process 

What constitutes excellence in packaging? In short, it’s about getting the right product to the worksite without damage. BPI has an enhanced packaging process for millwork and decking to minimize damage during delivery. And Quality Edge also does extensive research and development of packaging for each product to ensure it is easily identified, provides clear information or instructions, and protects the product during delivery.  

Quality Edge also marks their packaging to increase functionality and productivity by: 

  • Making it easy to identify and pull off the shelf, minimizing errors 
  • Knowing which package went out to the customer, for traceability 
  • Including QR codes for basic installation instructions and product knowledge 

Both companies listen to customer feedback and always keep lumberyards and contractors in mind when packaging products. 

2. An Efficient and Trackable Delivery Process 

BPI and Quality Edge have instituted a Delivery Picture Program that requires drivers to take a photo of each delivery made to a supplier or job site. Each image has a timestamp and can help you and your staff determine when a shipment arrived, what was included, where it was delivered, and the condition of the shipment. 

Each box shipped from Quality Edge has a unique code stamped on it. When the package is loaded on the pallet, its exact location on the pallet is logged in the system and its delivery is tracked in detail. Dropships from Quality Edge are not a concern for BPI because both companies operate with the same level of detail. 

3. Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Errors 

Reducing errors while improving efficiency is a key goal for Quality Edge and BPI. That’s why we’ve taken steps to track products at every stage of manufacturing, shipping, receiving and delivery. 

For example, at Quality Edge, every operator must scan their badge, whether pulling parts or running a machine on the production line. Each item running through a machine must meet a quality checklist and be signed off by the operator. Any issue can be traced back to a specific machine and operator, which helps Quality Edge determine whether machine maintenance or operator training is required. 

It’s essential to have employees who stand behind their work. That’s why Quality Edge constantly measures any quality concerns and puts fixes in place to resolve errors or issues, providing peace of mind to BPI and their customers. BPI continues this process with optimized bin locations and barcoded item numbers to increase the accuracy, speed, and throughput of order processing. Plus, advanced shipping notices provide in-transit visibility and include order ETA, updated ETA, order arrived, and order delivered statuses for our customers. 

Quality Edge and BPI believe that successful builders and contractors create a differential experience. That’s why we both direct efforts to train lumberyards and their customers on products and installation. Quality Edge offers contractor programs for their different product lines, and BPI conducts “lunch and learn” sessions for their reps, lumberyards and contractors. 

BPI is proud to work with a roofing and siding accessories partner as committed to excellence as we are. We are looking forward to providing our customers and their contractors with the best in metal roofing and siding accessories, soffit, steel siding, and more. Contact us to learn more about Quality Edge products.