Pro Deck Supply is a deck specialty lumberyard providing framing, decking, railing and deck accessories to DIYers, homeowners and contractors. They have exceptional product selection, knowledge and resources to build unique, attractive low-maintenance decks.

Pro Deck Supply began doing business with BPI when they started carrying TimberTech, their main line of decking. They offer the following TimberTech Pro and Azek products from BPI: composite and PVC decking, composite and aluminum railings, as well as under decking, LED lighting, trim, hardware, fasteners and accessories.

We recently spoke to Marta and Andrew Schmitt, managers of Pro Deck Supply, about their collaboration with our team.

BPI: What were your business needs when looking for a supplier?

Pro Deck Supply: “As a decking dealer, one of the biggest things we looked for in a supplier was the ability to get quality products in a reasonable time frame and that are packaged well for delivery. When decking doesn’t come in a full bunk from the manufacturer, we would sometimes see scratches or other damage on the decking. Some lumber yards don’t realize that decking can’t be painted over, so it must arrive in pristine condition. For us, how the supplier packs and stacks the decking for delivery is critically important.”

BPI: What were some other important considerations?

Pro Deck Supply: We want a supplier who collaborates with us to enhance the packaging and ordering processes. There are times we require specialty items and a supplier that will work with us on these items is beneficial.”

BPI: Tell us about the packaging considerations you have.

Pro Deck Supply: “The BPI team collaborates with us on the best way to package decking products so when they’re received at our facility, or delivered to the customer site, they’re in the best condition possible. This includes taking care of how they’re loaded on the truck for delivery. We’ve suggested minor improvements which they implemented, providing maximum results in reducing damage to decking in transit. White trim and fascia items especially need extra protection from gouges and scratches and needs special handling. BPI now has a Quality Assurance system that encourages employees to be more aware of the end result of their work for customers. We trust them to package a decking product for us.”

BPI: How has our product availability been in your experience?

Pro Deck Supply: “The fact that BPI has a wide variety of product in multiple locations is a great benefit to us. Your ability to transfer and your willingness to transfer is invaluable, especially when we don’t have time to wait four weeks for the next order to come in, or it’s not something you regularly stock in our branch or our market. The flexibility that we have with that capability is great.”

BPI: Please explain how our relationship has been mutually beneficial.

Pro Deck Supply: “BPI has the technical knowledge of the products, however, we’re on the cutting edge of decking and able to provide input into industry trends and what our customers want. We truly appreciate that the team at BPI values our industry knowledge and input and then acts on it. They don’t wave us off and keep doing things ‘the same old way’ and value suggestions on improvements in packaging and the ordering processes. The relationship between Pro Deck Supply and BPI is mutually beneficial and not one we have with many other suppliers.

BPI: What’s your overall assessment of BPI?

Pro Deck Supply: We love to see their growth and experience the benefits of their growth as they implement new processes and make things go smoother and better.



Pro Deck Supply

2123 Broadway Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413


Owners: Pat and Julie Noonan    –    Managers: Andrew and Marta Schmitt